3 Father’s Day spots in Dunwoody


Father's Day is kinda of a big deal. My poor dad put up with a lot. He coached teams for sports we were terrible at. He attended an untold number of dance recitals when I am sure he would have rather poked his own eyes out. He tutored me in math my entire sophomore year of high school and I still got a "D." And he has paid for more car repair (due to my … [Read more...]

Wanna take a bite out of your 1040 stress?


McCormick & Schmick's is offering a tax day deal.  "Bout time right?  Wish they'd pass that memo on to Uncle Sam *wink* The M&S Perimeter location is offering 10.40 (1040 get it? hee hee) drinks and food specials at the bar.   And let's be honest, after busting hump to get your taxes finished and filed you could probably use a drink.  Worst … [Read more...]