Movies & The Market

Atlantic Station header

Atlantic Station is a great part of Atlanta.  This all-in-one shopping district is one of my favorite places to go.  Being able to park my car, hit a few shops, dip into The Grape for a nice glass of wine or have a great meal at Atlantic Grill practically makes it a daytrip.  It's a straight shot down 400 and you can be there in like 20 … [Read more...]

“On Being a Bachelor” book launch party.

Any fans of Atlanta's free weekly The Sunday Paper?  It's relatively new -in comparison to say, the Creative Loafing- and I liken to the new kid on the block.  The news editor Stephanie Ramage is scrappy newsie whom I can always go to for a critical eye.  Good or bad, she'll tell you what she thinks.  But I hold a special place in my heart for … [Read more...]

In search of the perfect poolside playlist…

iPod nano

As you may be aware, we are having BIG, ANNUAL SUMMER EXTRAVAGANZA POOL PARTY next Saturday! 8) We're going to have food, games and prizes and of course a with that in mind, we are constructing the most colossal, incredible and amazing poolside playlist.  You know the kind, a playlist that makes you bob your head without even thinking about … [Read more...]

Inception:It is totally worth the ten bucks.

Normally movie ticket prices are like daylight robbery- where it feels like the kid behind the glass at the ticket booth should be wearing a ski mask and mugging you.  And in comparison to what you get, it is never worth the price.  But Inception is just the type of film that you can feel fine with spending 10.00 on it.  Inception is well, the … [Read more...]

Top 7 Factoids about 007

"The name is Bond, James Bond". The words are so ingrained in our psyche that we automatically think of our favorite 007 (mine is Pierce Brosnan) actor and wish we were driving an Aston Martin. I found 7 really cool factoids about 007 that are sure to impress your date when you take in next James Bond film. 1) The biggest grossing film of the franchise … [Read more...]