Tiger Mountain Winery takes Georgia Wine to a whole new level…


Ever wonder about Georgia Wines?  Anyone who's from the South probably knows about muscadine wine, which is a fruit that is indigenous to the Southeast and the wine is really popular and plentiful below the Mason Dixon.  But Georgia has a wine country, in the North Georgia Mountains, that is growing in popularity and reputation and they make for a … [Read more...]

San Francisco and the Karaoke Scene


Anyone ever been to San Francisco? I love it. They have a great zoo, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (which is awesome) and, of course, the Golden Gate Bridge (one of the largest suspension bridges in the country). They have great dining , easy public transport, fantastic shopping and, albeit they have some pretty strange weather, it makes for a … [Read more...]

Last weekend for the Festival of Flowers at the Biltmore Estate


Springtime in the South is a really magical time. Everything is in bloom, there are tons of festivals to attend and everyone seems to have a smile on their face. This weekend the Biltmore Estate is hosting the last weekend for their "Festival of Flowers" which is perfect day or weekend trip. You can make Asheville in about 4 hours and it is a great little … [Read more...]

Looking for a California Wine Trip that’s off the Beaten Path?


We've all heard of Napa Valley and Sonoma, but what if you are looking for something less "known"? There's this great little wine region outside of San Francisco that caters to wine newbies and connoisseurs alike called Lodi. Lodi, California grows more wine grapes than any other region in California and is really well known for their zinfandel. You can … [Read more...]

Get Your Apartment Ready

If you plan on going away for the holidays you need to make sure your apartment is ready for it. Traveling doesn't just involve you packing and buying your ticket, you need your make sure that your place is ready too. One of the major things you need to make sure you do is make your landlord or apartment manager know that you will be away. Also leave a … [Read more...]