3 Father’s Day spots in Dunwoody

Father’s Day is kinda of a big deal. My poor dad put up with a lot. Hepastries coached teams for sports we were terrible at. He attended an untold number of dance recitals when I am sure he would have rather poked his own eyes out. He tutored me in math my entire sophomore year of high school and I still got a “D.” And he has paid for more car repair (due to my ability to pick the most mechanically unsound cars ever built) than I can even begin to calculate. Like I said, he’s put up with a lot. How about you? Do you owe him something big on Sunday?

Well have no fear I found three Dunwoody restaurants who are running Father’s Day specials so you can make sure Sunday is all about him (and not worry about having to pay for it)

Brio Tuscan Grill is offering a special Father’s Day Tuscan-style menu from 10am to 3pm.

McCormick and Schmick’s is offering a three-course prime rib dinner for 29.95. If your dad is golfer you may want to seriously consider this because they are hosting a drawing for a full set of Callaway Golf Clubs as well.

Wildfire will have their entire menu available from 12pm to 9pm on Sunday.

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