This month take your family or friends out for a few frames of bowling at Brunswick Zone Roswell


Grab your friends for a great time bowling in Roswell!

This weekend will be a little cooler here in Roswell and though outdoor activities will be more enjoyable, why not treat your family or get a group of friends together for bowling? I know I haven’t been in years and, now that I think of it, I know a friend or two that would enjoy coming with me one day. Just 10 minutes from The Preserve at Dunwoody, Brunswick Zone Roswell, on Old Roswell Road, is a great place for small or large groups (or just to practice by yourself) to come. They host birthday parties and other social gatherings and provide fun in a safe, clean environment. Coupons abound at Brunswick, so take a look and come to save money on bowling, services and food! Locals love this bowling alley and recommend others to stop by! Their prices are reasonable and the clientele amicable. So, on your next free day, girls night out, rainy day or whenever you want to do something outside of your weekly routine, come out to Brunswick Zone Roswell!

Photo by jonnykeelty

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