Eliminate Carpet Stains with Dr. Green Carpet Care!

Children and pets can make a mess sometimes…heck even we adults can track in all kinds of crud or spill something on the carpet from time to time. Sometimes here at The Preserve at Dunwoody Apartments, residents have a hard time cleaning up stubborn carpet stains but don’t want to go through the hassle of scrubbing and dealing with a soaked carpet for hours. If this sounds like you, give Dr. Green Carpet Care a call. They are a great green residential and commercial carpet cleaning company serving Atlanta. Enjoy faster dry times and NO harsh chemicals!

Dr. Green

Get those stubborn stains out with Dr. Green Carpet Care!

Dr. Green uses environmentally friendly low moisture processes that cut out harsh chemicals so your children, pets, and those with allergies can rest safe and unharmed. The solutions they use¬†hygienically¬†cleans and sanitizes your carpet while conserving water, making your carpet’s dry time about 30 minutes! They use 10 times LESS water than traditional steam cleaners, meaning no gas guzzling mounted trucks in front of your apartment!

Dr. Green Carpet Care is IICRC Certified and their service is guaranteed. Check out their before and after pictures accompanied by customer testimonials!

Photo by Dr. Green Carpet Care

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