In search of the perfect poolside playlist…

iPod nano

As you may be aware, we are having BIG, ANNUAL SUMMER EXTRAVAGANZA POOL PARTY next Saturday! 8) We're going to have food, games and prizes and of course a with that in mind, we are constructing the most colossal, incredible and amazing poolside playlist.  You know the kind, a playlist that makes you bob your head without even thinking about … [Read more...]

Inception:It is totally worth the ten bucks.

Normally movie ticket prices are like daylight robbery- where it feels like the kid behind the glass at the ticket booth should be wearing a ski mask and mugging you.  And in comparison to what you get, it is never worth the price.  But Inception is just the type of film that you can feel fine with spending 10.00 on it.  Inception is well, the … [Read more...]



Looking for some evening entertainment?  Check out these two websites for LIVE ENTERTAINMENT in Roswell, GA... : A series of six free outdoor concerts that take place on the first Saturday of the month from May through October at Riverside Park, 575 Riverside Road : A monthly late night … [Read more...]

Found a Swede Swede deal at Ikea

I apologize for the pun but seriously, how often can you make a Swedish joke? I had to take it, it just seemed wrong not to. This weekend Ikea has a deal where kids eat free. Which is probably a good thing because Ikea is not a "park in the fire lane and just run in" kind of place (not..ahem...cough...that I would ever do that). The thing with Ikea at … [Read more...]

Summer Extraveganza


Come join us Saturday, August 7th from 7pm to 10pm for our BIG, ANNUAL SUMMER EXTRAVEGANZA POOL PARTY!  Live DJ, food, fun, games & prizes!!! … [Read more...]