Get to Shakin!

Horizon Theatre Company is one of the most imaginative theater companies in Atlanta. Their season is usually packed full of some incredibly diverse and interesting shows. Right now they are running "Shakin the Mess Outta Misery" a coming-of-age story about a little girl and how 8 women influence and shape her life. It is family friendly show with a … [Read more...]

Baby and the SPF


I routinely talk about my god-daughter because...well...she's awesome. In the summer when it is sunny and like 95 degrees outside, her little 3-year old skin needs extra care. I know that I should take my skin-care SPF precautions pretty seriously and I am an adult, so I can only imagine how extra serious her's must be. So after examining the SPF options … [Read more...]

The Mother of all How-To Sites


I love how-to sites on the web. I am not a naturally creative person but I am fairly industrious. Which means, I can't think up my own arts and crafts projects but I am great at following instructions. Wanna learn how to make paper? There's a how-to for that. Wanna make your clothes? Oh there are lots and lots of how-to's for that. My favorite how-to … [Read more...]

July 4th Weekend


July 4th Celebrations July 4, 2010 - Various Locations throughout the Atlanta Georgia Area Anywhere you are in Atlanta, you'll find birthday parties for the good old U.S.A. Local newspapers carry all the particulars, so you can find anything from 'huge' Fireworks Displays... to... `small-town' Parades and Picnics. Centennial Olympic Park ... located … [Read more...]

Top 7 Factoids about 007

"The name is Bond, James Bond". The words are so ingrained in our psyche that we automatically think of our favorite 007 (mine is Pierce Brosnan) actor and wish we were driving an Aston Martin. I found 7 really cool factoids about 007 that are sure to impress your date when you take in next James Bond film. 1) The biggest grossing film of the franchise … [Read more...]