New relationship? New weight gain?


I never heard of this before but apparently it is really common for people to gain weight when they first start a new relationship.  Largely, as with most weight gain, it is lifestyle related because you go out to eat more often and are more likely to eschew exercise so you can hang out with your honey.  I never really thought about but it definitely makes … [Read more...]

The (best) easiest shrimp scampi ever


Shrimp scampi isn't so much a recipe as it is a technique I've discovered.  I've tried following recipes and yeah they turn out fine but the real trick has been how I've prepared it and not what I've prepared it with.  I mean yes, you need the shrimp, the white wine (or vermouth), the garlic, the butter and the lemon-that is scampi after all- but that is … [Read more...]

Why dogs make the best pets.

Sadie 006

Sadie here.  Today I am guest blogging as part of winning second place in the cutest pet contest and I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you why dogs are the best pets. First, we fetch.  Now don't discount how important fetching is.  There are times when your two arms are not enough and you need some help.  Enter the pupster with the super … [Read more...]

Buddy Nena’s big day

Pet Contest Winners

When Buddy Nena won the cutest pet contest both "moms" won a PetSmart gift card. Here's Buddy Nena's big photo op. How cute is that? … [Read more...]

Why Turtles like Country Music…an essay by Buddy Nena

Buddy Nena

Turtles, by and large, like country music.  It makes us happy.  I can't speak for tortoises- as they are kinda weird. They might like jazz or something (ha!).  We like country music because it is a little slower in pace which suites us just fine.  When I am riding around on my skateboard I love to pop in my earbuds and play "Sugarland" on my ipod.  … [Read more...]