Buddy Nena by a slim margin. Buddy Nena and Mom, Julia, please swing by the office to collect your Pet Smart gift card! During the month of March, Buddy Nena will be our facebook and twitter profile picture. We will be spot lighting his adventures in Atlanta as he is the "turtle about town" so stay tuned! Sadie came in second and she's such a lovely … [Read more...]

Let the Voting Begin!!!!!


Well it's here!  The big day that we've all been waiting for...VOTING DAY...look to the right------>>>>>>> Who's it gonna be? Oreo? Travy? Sadie? Jack? Buddy Nena? Puppy? Emily? Uno? Duchess? Shelly and David's Rascals? The polls are open … [Read more...]

Sadie says “Don’t foget about me!”

Sadie's xmas humiliation

Sadie is a 9 year old Boxer with a lot of energy. Her mommy and daddy, Amanda and John, believe Sadie thinks she is actually a human. She opens doors and closets fairly well but fortunately, she has not figured out how to open cabinets!!! She loves trash cans especially the ones with a pedal. During play time she can be found chasing balls or … [Read more...]

Duchess is holding court!


Ok so everyone thinks they have a little furry prince or princess but someone has herself a Duchess. Carrie submitted her pup to be voted the cutest pet at The Preserve at Dunwoody and with a name like Duchess, she sure may win. This little girl is totally in her element laying on her favorite blanket in a recliner waiting. She just knows that if she is … [Read more...]

Hey I’m Emily!

Emily Carrick

This ridiculously cute bundle of fluff is Emily Carrick.  Her mommy Tiffany thinks she takes the cuteness cake and we can see why she thinks it!  Between laying on the suitcase as if to say "you're not going without me" to holding her blue toy with both front paws like little hands, this little girl is definitely sweet- hands down!  ha! … [Read more...]